Who is the Practical Philosopher?

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

This has been a long time coming but due to prior engagements and that constant feeling of being “too busy” while sitting on my couch watching Netflix, I figured what better time than the present.

I’m a 25 year old living in a major metropolitan area. I work full-time as a Resource Manager and part-time as a server/bartender.  (this is starting to feel more like a Plenty of Fish profile but let’s go with it ). I grew up in an upper-middle class two parent family in the suburbia, I know what you’re thinking “Oh shit, I can’t imagine the adversity he faced”.  I have one older sister who is now married with one child (no bias, but he is the cutest kid ever). I had a  good childhood with many opportunities available to me. Unfortunately, at an early age I developed fairly severe separation anxiety from my parents and began therapy. On top of that I became quite overweight from the ages of ~7-12 years old, which is just terrific for the ol’ self-esteem. I mention these two things because they played a large role in some of my addiction and relationship issues in high-school and university and as a result my philosophical viewpoints.

After high school, I attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and majored in Philosophy, “but  you said you’re a professional now? Shouldn’t you be serving me at McDonald’s”, I know I know, Philosophy may have not seem like the smartest choice in terms of career but it has positively shaped who I am and if applied correctly, can make the work life a lot easier!

Fast forward to today, I live in a big city with my best friend from University, I work 7-4, I have a dog and am a weekend warrior who likes to travel and is trying to save for a house in this ever changing market.

So why start a blog?

Well, there are three important facts from the information above that have led me to do this. 1.) My experiences with travel, drugs, sex and violence 2.) My educational background and thirst for knowledge. I am very analytical and introspective and believe that if not for my degree I would not have been able to balance my conflicting lifestyles. The “Practical Philosopher” will be partly about how my own over-analysis of the world has helped me and others. And 3.) The (perhaps ignorant) view that my thoughts/experiences can help you! I have gone through some pretty dark stages in my life as most people have and although philosophy and my own mind have helped me spin things in a positive light, it is the people around me (including the internet) that I have to thank. My hope is I can return the favour.

Thank you for checking out my page and let the Practical Philosophy Journey begin.

“Motivation doesn’t cause action. Action causes motivation.” ― Neil Pasricha